Supporting the mobile development community through COVID-19

We’re living through some strange and uncertain times, which have already impacted many in our community in a very direct way. Today, we’re announcing a number of changes with the aim of helping you adapt to these new and challenging circumstances. One of those changes is an increase of build minutes for our free plan to a max of 6,000 minutes per month.

CI/CD built for Mobile DevOps: Connect, configure, and build in minutes

More free build time

On our free plan, you can now run 200 builds per month for a maximum duration of 30 minutes per build.

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Non-profit support

Nonprofits can get 2 concurrencies on our Org Standard plan for free for a year. If you're working in an area that's directly supporting the COVID-19 fight, we'll provide additional concurrencies if necessary.

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Online learning

We're kicking off multiple recurring webinars to keep the community engaged and learning.

Free remote mobile app building

Many teams — including ours — have suddenly found themselves fully remote, in some cases being physically separated from the hardware they used to build and test mobile applications on. To help them adapt, we’ve taken our free Hobby plan and bumped up the build timeout from 10 to 30 minutes.

This means that everyone, for free, can:

  • Run 200 builds per month, for any platform, including iOS and Android
  • Run builds that take up to 30 minutes to finish
  • Can invite up to 2 team members

This means that users on our free plan can now build up to 6,000 minutes per month, free of charge.

This free plan provides access to all other Bitrise features, including all 300+ configurable steps and integrations, the ability to insert custom code, support for all git services and addons like Ship and Test reporting.

Besides assisting teams that suddenly find themselves remote, we hope these changes to our free plan will provide indies, freelancers, and those simply looking to work on their personal projects while stuck at home, a place to build.

Extra support for nonprofits and OSS

Open Source projects and nonprofits alike play an important, supporting role in facing the current crisis. We’d like to take the opportunity to reiterate our support for both.

Any Open Source project can benefit from all of the features of our Developer Plan for free, by configuring their app as public when setting it up:

a GIF of an app being configured as Public in the Bitrise UI

Additionally, we provide 3 complementary Org Standard concurrencies for a year to any nonprofit, and additional free resources for those directly involved in COVID-19 related activities. Reach out to our support team here and they’ll add these resources to your Bitrise account.

Community Programs

As a community, we’ve always spent a lot of time connecting and learning from each other. As Bitrise, our aim is to continue our support of mobile developer communities in the places they meet now:

  • Virtual Conferences - Over the coming months, we will continue our practice of sponsoring and attending mobile conferences, virtually. The first one of those to come is Android Makers Paris, on the 20th and 21st of April. There will be more to follow and we’re still open to doing more, so reach out if you’re hosting a virtual conference and would like our help.
  • Online Community - We’re more active than ever on our public Slack, Twitter, and wherever else developers meet. Reach out anytime, anywhere if you’d like us to share something with the community. This includes anything from job postings, to resumes to whatever else you can think of.
  • Webinars and Virtual Meetups - To enable Bitrise users to learn from us, industry experts and other users alike, we’re launching a series of webinars and virtual meetups. The first webinar will take place on the 22nd of April and will be about onboarding new apps on Bitrise. This is especially useful if you’re new to CI/CD or Bitrise and would like some support in getting started. The first virtual Bitrise User Group meetup will take place on April the 23rd and will feature community members sharing tips, tricks, and sneak peeks at their workflows. Our aim with this is not only to give you a place where you can continue learning, but also to provide you the opportunity to continue connecting with your peers.


For now, these changes will be in place until early next year. If — at that time — extension of these measures seems necessary, we will do so.

I’d love to hear from you

Supporting the mobile development community is our team’s number one priority right now. We’ve jointly put together these changes with the aim of helping as many as possible through these times of uncertainty, but if you feel like there is something else we could be doing, please let me know.

Reach out to and I can promise you that we will read - and respond to - every single one of your emails.

From me and the entire Bitrise team, I wish you health and all the best,

Barnabas, CEO