Mobile DevOps is a thing! — a podcast by Bitrise

Mobile DevOps is a thing! is a podcast series by Bitrise, in which we talk to mobile developers from all around the world about their unique development processes. The aim? Learning how to be more productive and release better apps, whatever technology you might be using. 

Mastering continuous deployment with Keegan Rush

We talked to Keegan Rush about his new book, iOS App Distribution and Best Practices. We focused on deployment and all things related to app distribution: best practices of shipping apps to the app stores, white labeling, and everything developers need to know to manually configure CI — from Xcode, through fastlane, to release strategies and reaching maturity in continuous deployment.

Build secure mobile applications with Anastasiia Voitova

We talked to cybersecurity expert Anastasiia Voitova about all things related to mobile app security: from the first and most important steps teams should take to prevent potential attacks to reaching a high level of DevSecOps maturity.

Building mobile infrastructure with Russell Stephens

In the latest episode of our podcast, we talked to Russell Stephens, Mobile Infrastructure Lead at Compass. He shared the story of his team’s CI evolution, from the struggles of hosting an on-premise Jenkins solution to automating everything and building a cutting-edge case of mobile infrastructure on Bitrise.

App Performance Monitoring with Rasmus Larsson

In this episode, we talked to Rasmus Larsson about new technologies from App Performance Monitoring to integrating AR or App Clips into iOS apps. Rasmus is the Product Strategy Director at Pulselive, a Sony company crafting digital experiences to connect teams, leagues, and sports federations to their fans. 

Fintech, Flutter, and tech leadership with GDE Mariano Zorrilla

In this episode, we talked to Mariano Zorrilla from Venmo about fintech, Flutter development, and his journey to becoming a Tech Lead in Silicon Valley. He is a passionate member of the Flutter community: besides recently becoming a Google Developer Expert, he also founded SFXP, the San Francisco Cross-Platform  meetups.

Optimizing iOS workflows with Marcos Griselli

In this episode, we talked to Marcos Griselli about all things iOS. As an active member of the Swift community in Buenos Aires, Marcos is the co-organizer of the SwiftBA meetups and the Swiftable conference. You’ll hear some hands-on advice on optimizing CI processes, automatic versioning, release strategies, and smart testing based on code changes.

How to level up your team’s skill set with John Sundell

In the third episode, we talked to John Sundell about how teams can level up their skills, benefit from test automation and continuous delivery, and why he believes that “the main goal of DevOps is to enable a team to execute fast in the long run and to keep their tech debt in check, while striking a nice balance between delivering features and moving quickly.”

Remote work and Mobile DevOps with GDE Joe Birch

We talked to Joe Birch about remote work and Mobile DevOps. Joe is a Google Developer Expert and the Android Lead at Buffer. His experience in working from home at Buffer — an entirely remote company — and his work in the developer community give him a unique perspective on today’s changing work climate and its challenges.

Does mobile need its own DevOps? with Vladimir Ivanov

In this episode, we talked to Vladimir Ivanov, Solutions Architect at EPAM about the main differences between mobile and web development, the unique challenges of developing mobile apps for a wide range of customers in different sectors, and the tools, processes, and technologies — collectively referred to as Mobile DevOps.

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