Unleash your mobile team’s performance, with the Velocity plan🚀

For mobile engineering teams that crave performance, and organizations where every second counts

CI/CD built for Mobile DevOps: Connect, configure, and build in minutes

Speed up builds and teams

Optimize for speed or for spend on a mobile CI / CD platform that replaces time wasted on maintenance, with meaningful work that contributes to your goals. The Velocity Plan unlocks your team’s speed by lifting concurrency limitations, while providing access to the best, fastest compute options available on our public MacOS and Linux cloud.

Match workflows to the compute type, CPU and memory best suited for the job, and optimize your spend on a usage-based plan that gets more economical as you scale.

Starting at $2500 / month

Get back to meaningful work

Measurable impact for your business

Increase team productivity

Leverage purpose-built features and functionality, and enable mobile teams to deliver their best work. By enabling rapid iteration on workflows and processes, teams on Bitrise deliver more value every sprint.

Cut down on maintenance

Instead of wasting time on maintaining Mac Minis and the integrations required for your mobile teams to perform, get back to meaningful work that impacts your product and your team.

Speed up builds

Reduce developer idle time, by building on the best compute option for every job.
Run the fastest builds possible and get actionable build results into developer hands rapidly.

Your Journey to High Performance Mobile Teams

Learn from Mobile DevOps experts

Optimize your Workflows and decrease your build times - our Mobile DevOps Engineers are here to help your team maximise their performance, where it matters.

Used by the world's most productive mobile teams

Frequently Asked Questions

When should we choose the Velocity plan?

The Velocity plan is for teams that need additional flexibility, capacity or performance. Build when you want, how you want: there are virtually no restrictions on the minimum or maximum parallel builds and the virtual machines available are faster than those offered on our other plans. Plans are usage based, providing you with credits you can use to select the right machine type per workflow.

How do we get credits?

With a subscription plan, you get a certain amount of credit each month: this is what we call your monthly credit bundle.

How do we know how many credits we’d need for a month?

First, you get 2 weeks free to try Bitrise, which we monitor and analyse your build patterns. After the 2 weeks we will compile a list of the best package options based on your build needs. After you choose a plan, we will provide onboarding and engineer support.

How do we use our credits?

Just trigger a build! Each build will use a certain amount of credits per minute, depending on the machine type. More powerful machines require more credits per minute to run builds.

Do unused credits roll over to future months?

Our credits do not roll over month-to-month, this is why we work closely with you prior to your purchase to ensure that we put you into the right credit tier, ensuring you’re not over paying for credits you don’t need.

What happens if we run out of credit?

Build with confidence, no build will stop abruptly. When you’re about to run out of credits, we’ll send you notifications to warn you. Once you actually do run out, you go into Pay as you Go mode: you get half the amount of your monthly credits but we’ll only charge you for the exact amount of credits you used up. If you run out of Pay as you Go credits - which are more expensive per credit than your regular monthly plan -, you won’t be able to add new apps or run builds until your next billing cycle, when you receive your next credit bundle. You can, of course, upgrade to another subscription plan at any point.

Will a build be aborted if I run out of credits?

No, running builds will never be aborted. You can always finish a running build. 

Do credits expire?

You will lose your unused credits at the end of each month when you receive your next monthly bundle. 

Can I carry over excess credit to the next month?

No, you can’t. You will lose your unused credits at the end of each month when you receive your next monthly bundle. 

How much build time do I have?

All builds, regardless of subscription type, have a “hard” limit of three and a half hours. There are NO other limits - only your number of credits limit you.