Automated release management for mobile apps

Your mobile app’s mission control center for app release management that’s transparent, centralized, and collaborative.

See it in action

Bitrise’s automated release management features bring mobile teams from various silos together, all in one place, to make shipping as seamless as possible. It’s the one centralized place where engineering, product, legal, testers, QA, and marketing teams come together to ensure smooth mobile app releases.

*Android app release management coming soon.

Mobile app release transparency for every single stakeholder

Everyone from development to sales to tech writers can view feature readiness, features yet to be implemented, mobile app release cadences, approvals, and the status of TestFlight and App Store to ensure successful, in-sync, collaborative launch efforts.

Automation to reduce manual workloads

Automate release-specific management tasks, and minimize time spent on release preparation including automatically sending your release candidate to TestFlight.

*More automations coming soon.

For all stakeholders' part of the release management process

Release management for Engineering

For repeatable, automated steps during the release management process.

  • Save time by automating release management interactions with App Store Connect
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Eliminate the need for specialized issue tracking solutions*

*Integrations with issue trackers coming soon.

Release management for Product

Coordinate and launch mobile app releases all from one place.

  • Get a finger-on-the-pulse overview of progress toward each mobile app release
  • Increase control and visibility of releases before deployment
  • Release with little to no technical know-how needed
Release management for Legal, QA, and Testing

Validate features according to requirements as they come in.

  • Have complete transparency of the release progress
  • Stay in sync and on track with release launch efforts
  • See which new features/changes to test/approve in the release candidate
Release management for Marketing

Stay in the loop for successful GTM mobile app release plans.

  • Know which features to market with each release
  • Stay in the loop and on top of GTMs
  • Update and automate App Store materials with ease

Automatic TestFlight Upload

Let Release Management handle the automatic deployment to TestFlight for you. Alternatively, manage TestFlight uploads manually and choose when and what should be available on TestFlight.

TestFlight upload & post-processing

Get TestFlight post-processing status updates from uploaded builds without a running workflow — or spending credits. TestFlight status checks happen outside happens outside of a build machine, so Bitrise only charges for the build that is generating the artifact, and the artifact upload. What's more, Release Management will also let you know when the status of the post-processing changes.

Gated releases for internal stakeholder approvals

Deploy releases to end users only once required approvals have been received. In addition, reduce risk from giving a bunch of stakeholders App Store Connect access.

App Store review submission

Submit your uploaded release candidate and follow the status of the store review of your release candidate—all in a centralized Release Management solution. No need to open App Store Connect.

Manage releases

Leverage a centralized solution for managing and following the status of App Store releases. Check the status of your release, trigger a manual release, and pause a phased release all from Release Management.

For releases that are transparent, centralized, and collaborative—use Bitrise.