Build your Flutter apps with Bitrise

Out of the box support for your Flutter apps. Build apps for both iOS and Android and use our Flutter Steps to test and deploy them.

The ideal place for your Flutter apps

Full Flutter integration

Use our Flutter Steps to run all available Flutter commands in a CI environment without having to worry about scripting: test, analyze, build and deploy automatically.

A single Workflow for all platforms

Build a cross-platform app with Flutter and don't worry about creating separate Workflows for iOS and Android: you can take care of both at the same time by adding the necessary Steps.

Easy testing and analysis

Write and run unit-, widget- and integration tests on Bitrise: you need nothing more than the Flutter Test Step. Analyze your results with the Test Reports add-on: view individual test cases, check the logs, or just download your results.

Extensive customization

Customize your Flutter build to fit your needs. Specify the exact version of the Flutter SDK that you want to use on Bitrise, or add any flag available to any of the Flutter commands as additional parameters.  

Continuous Integration for Flutter

Cross-platform and third-party support, automated workflow configuration, custom plans — you name it, we have it.

Automatic Flutter Workflow configuration

Our project scanner will detect that your app is built with Flutter, and automatically configure an initial Workflow for you, with all the necessary Flutter Steps we have. If you have tests in your project, the scanner will recognize those, too!

300+ integrations

Our Step library is huge and ever expanding. You can use most third-party tools you can think of to manage your dependencies, run your tests or deploy your app. Missing anything? Request or build it yourself!

Full enterprise-ready feature set

Supports all major Git services, Pay As You Build, SAML SSO, team and role management, enterprise-grade security and hosting. Used by 20% of Fortune's Global 100 for some of the world's most downloaded apps.

The best Flutter integrations

Integrating with all the tools you love and use for testing, distribution, and notification.

Flutter Install

Install the Flutter SDK on your build machine: choose the version you want to use or stick to the latest stable one.

Flutter Analyze

Run the `flutter analyze` command to check your code with the Dart analyzer.

Flutter Build

Build your Flutter apps for both Android and iOS, with their own customized configurations.

Flutter Test

Run integration tests, unit tests and widget tests written for your app. Use any of the available flags for the `flutter test` command.

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