iOS Continuous Integration and Delivery

CI/CD for mobile applications built in Objective-C or Swift programming languages.

CI/CD built for Mobile DevOps: Connect, configure, and build in minutes

iOS-specific solutions

Why Bitrise is the place to go for your iOS apps

Automatic code signing

Nobody likes code signing. Connect your Apple Developer Account and let us handle your provisioning profiles. Just set the export method and you’re good to go - you only need to upload your certificates!

Latest Xcode versions

You can select from multiple stacks with different Xcode versions to build your app on. We do our best to provide support for the latest Xcode beta versions within 48 hours of their release. Our Workflow-specific stack setting makes doing a dry run on beta releases a breeze.

Run your unit and UI tests

Run your unit and UI tests on Bitrise, and view your test results in a convenient way with Test Reports. Register test devices on Bitrise, and immediately test your apps on them.

Virtual machines

Every single build on Bitrise runs on a clean virtual machine, which is discarded the moment your build is finished. Our VMs are pre-installed with all the important tools for your iOS apps. Use Xcode as you would on your own computer, and run any custom script you want.

Security with no compromise

Sit back and relax — your data is safe with us.

Secret environment variables

Secrets are encrypted, and are only visible during running builds, or if your settings allow them to be shown on the UI. Your credentials and API keys for connected services are safe with us.

Make secrets & files protected

You can set any secret env or file, such as provisioning profile, certificate, or keystore as protected. Protected secrets cannot be revealed on the UI and such files cannot be downloaded by anyone from your team.

Approval for pull request builds

Anyone can open a pull request from a fork in an open source project - but you might not want every single PR to start a build on Bitrise. No need to, either: set up your app to require manual approval from owners or admins before starting a pull request build.

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Continuous Integration for iOS

Cross-platform and third-party support, automated workflow configuration, custom plans — you name it, we have it

Automatic iOS workflow configuration

Automatic iOS workflow configuration: When adding your app, we automatically detect that it's an iOS app - or if it's a cross-platform app with an iOS project! - , and create default Workflows, specifically configured for iOS apps.

250+ integrations

Support for all third-party services that are used in iOS development, including dependency managers such as CocoaPods, or automation tools such as Fastlane. Missing anything? Request or build it yourself!

Full support for cross-platform solutions

Out of the box support for the major cross-platform frameworks used to create iOS apps, such as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin or Ionic/Cordova. Use the same Workflow for both the iOS and Android projects of your cross-platform apps!

Full enterprise-ready feature set

We're ready to meet your enterprise's needs: easy team- and organization management, SAML Single Sign-On, that supports most major identity providers, custom Enterprise plans with a fully customized build environment and a Pay as you Build option.

Continuous Deployment

We save you time by automating releases so you can focus on doing impactful work.

Deploy to testers

Send public install links to testers with the Deploy to Step so they can install and test apps on their devices. For external testing, submit your app to App Store Connect, and distribute it with Testflight.

Send your apps straight to the App Store

You can automatically send your App Store signed apps to the App Store: we store your credentials in a securely encrypted format, and automatically submit them for review and release them once the app is built. All you need is a single Step to do all that!

Deploy to third parties

If you’re already using a service for deployment, fear not, you can keep using that. From HockeyApp to Fabric, we’ve got them all.

The best iOS integrations and add-ons

Integrating with all the tools you love and use for testing, distribution, and notification.

iOS Auto Provision

Let us manage your iOS Provisioning Profiles automatically for your Xcode project.

iOS Device Testing

iOS Device Testing Run iOS XCUItest on a variety of physical devices.

Deploy to iTunes Connect

Deploy your app with one click to iTunes Connect and straight to your users.


Missing a step? Use our open source step library to create your own; or the Script step instead to do your magic.

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