Christophe Valentin
Christophe Valentin
Mobile Engineer @ Appaloosa
Christophe Valentin
Christophe Valentin

Appaloosa & Bitrise

"We can focus on shipping our code and Bitrise manages the rest. I really like the variety of steps and the workflow system: it's so powerful!"

About Appaloosa

Appaloosa provides a simple and secure app store in a SaaS package. We help dev teams deliver their apps on iOS, Android & Windows Phone. They can manage visibility with users groups to beta test their apps, and collect feedback.

We used to build our clients' iOS stores on a Mac mini. We had to manage Xcode and Mac OS upgrades. The script was written in a big shell file that nobody liked modifying." — Christoph Valentin, Mobile Engineer

Why Appaloosa loves Bitrise

First and foremost: the support. We have never been dissatisfied by the answers provided by the Bitrise team. The help is always very thorough and clear. We are always confident that when we have a question or a problem arises, we won't be in the dark long. We also like the team's effectiveness. They ship regularly and when a bug is found, the fix is shipped the same day. Last but not the least, we don't have to worry about infrastructure anymore. We just have to focus on pushing our code and Bitrise manages the rest.

"We had to take time to upgrade MacOS and Xcode every once in a while and it just took our engineers away from building real features. Bitrise perfectly addressed that problem." — Christoph Valentin
"As a SaaS product ourselves, we have built a special relationship with the team. Our products work well together and make a coherent solution for app distribution, from build to deployment." — Julien Ott, Product Director

The Appaloosa team has just released their very first step to deploy apps from Bitrise to a dev's private app store. Bitrise users don’t even have to setup an account, it is done on their first build!


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