Yuki Sumida
Yuki Sumida
 Yuki Sumida
 Yuki Sumida

Redefining personal finance with Zaim

“Bitrise has made our workflow simple and easy-to-manage.”

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About Zaim

Founded in 2011, Zaim is the leading personal finance and bookkeeping application on the Japanese app market. Its various analysis tools help users understand their finances better by providing statistics and budgeting plans, scanning and storing their receipts, as well as continuously checking local prices. With over 8 million downloads and multiple awards at their back, Zaim is aiming to deliver a financial experience that not only helps people save money, but does so in a fun and engaging way.


The challenge

Right from the start, Zaim was well aware of the crucial role a continuous integration and delivery service can play in the success of a company like this. Without it, unit testing and continuous, quick releases would have been simply impossible to do, and their overall growth would be affected by increased workflow times and heavy workloads.

Prior to switching to Bitrise, Zaim used Jenkins as their main CI/CD platform. While initially, the service seemed like it would be able to support their development needs, over time, they realized that there were a number of serious shortcomings that would affect their process, including tedious local maintenances, suboptimal performance, and the challenges of connecting to Github due to their network limitations.

The perfect CI/CD solution

After leaving Jenkins behind, Zaim conducted some market research to look for the best possible CI/CD solution, and soon enough, they arrived at a crossroads: CircleCI or Bitrise. The mobile-specific capabilities, customization features, and the attractive pricing model of Bitrise stood out, and soon enough, they decided it was time for them to go with our platform.

“Bitrise has great merit in terms of cost and management.” — Yuki Sumida

Zaim immediately started using the platform for their building, testing, and automation processes, all through the same, convenient service. Through Bitrise’s library of built-in steps and integrations, such as the Fastlane integration, their process iteratively improved at an impressive pace. In addition to this, the level of customizability the platform offered enabled Zaim to bid goodbye to past nuisances of local machines and inaccessible services, and instead put them on a fast track to even greater success.

“Almost anything can be done through a combination of Bitrise’s official steps and integrations.” — Yuki Sumida

The results

Zaim currently runs over 400 builds per month, spread across two main applications on Bitrise. This has allowed them to rapidly roll out the features and functionalities end-users have come to expect from Japan’s leading personal finance platform.

“Bitrise has made our workflow simple and easy-to-manage." — Yuki Sumida

From start to end, from building to distribution, Bitrise is now there to help Zaim ensure that their latest applications are flawless in both design and execution. With the platform’s deployment and distribution possibilities, Zaim is able to continuously ship new iterations of its app, making sure that every single end-user is ready to save both money and time.


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